Door Phones/ Intercoms

The Door Operator/Intercom system consists of wire color hands free video telephone/Intercom for Gate station. The system isn’t just helpful to utilize but also intended to give an extra measure of security that acquires advanced innovative technology in to your home or business. For business activities where access control is a great concert, this Door operator/ intercom system safe guard your entrance while remaining easy to use to visitors.

CHF series hands free color intercom system is the first in the industry to incorporate day and night camera to accommodate lighting environment. This system works in color during say and black and white in low lighting conditions. The built-in infrared gives supplemental lighting to upgrade night seeing.

The CHF system that we deal in features Clear picture and high resolution 7inch color digital LCD, Compact and slim design, Easy and  simple to install, Connection up to 2 door cameras and 2 monitor with sub sound unit Automatic connection between screen and camera Call and communication with guest and door open function.